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Quality and Natural Wines

All Natural Wine

 Naturally Brewed

 Signature flavors   

 Unmatched smoothness

 Caribbean based


 750 ml bottles.

 Approx. 15% ALC/VOL

 * Alcohol content may vary due to natural brew*

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passion fruit wine

All flavors are available in our 'Sampler Pack."

''Ready to experience great tasting wine?"

Wine For the rest of us

No frills 
No fancy titles
No complexities
Naturally brewed
No chemical, artificial flavor or coloring added

You will get all the calm, soothing and relaxing vibes of the Caribbean in a bottle

Pale Moonlight Wine is for individuals who want to enjoy a glass of wine without the fuss

Pale Moonlight Wine is made locally for the rest of us.

palemoonlight wines with quality flavours and taste

PML Wine Signature Flavors

Banana Ginger
Bois Bande
Cin City
Cock Stan
Passion Fruit

Sex in the Bush
Sorrel (Hibiscus)
Sorrel Ginger
Sweet Pusy
Strawberry Ginger

Simple signature flavors.
Unmatched smoothness that arouses a sense of calm and relaxation;
Perfect flavors to unwind or set the mood!
"Why not start the celebration with a bang?" 
How about that special occasion!
Be ready to taste the differences?

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