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Pale MoonLight Wine

The making of the Fruits, Vegetables, and Spices Wine  started on a small Island, Grenada

Margaret Munro is the founder and owner of Pale Moonlight Wine (PML). She was born on the small Caribbean Island of Grenada and migrated to the United State in 1988.  Margaret obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from NYU.

As a young girl, Margaret always had an interest in the fruits and vegetables on the island. She often “stewed” them, a simple boiling process, to make jellies and jams. She continued to perfect stewing, teaching herself how to enhance the unique Caribbean flavors with each new batch. 

One day as she was preparing some fruits, her father inquired as to what she was doing. She responded, “Making wine.” 

He smiled and began to teach young Margaret how to make wine using the secrets of her Grenadian ancestors. From that day on, every summer was filled with fruit wine brewing as her father passed on the Grenadian way to make exceptional wines.


Margaret continues her father’s tradition of wine brewing with traditional Grenadian techniques utilizing fruits and vegetables.  Each wine is carefully and naturally brewed with no artificial colors or chemicals.

Pale Moonlight Wine was founded in 1983 to bring fruit-wine from the heart of Grenada directly to you. Pale Moonlight Wine offers a variety of signature flavors. Additional flavors will become available. Please subscribe for updates, tastings and launch dates.

Try the Sampler Pack and start a new relationship with wine.

Pale MoonLight Wine.

Calm. Soothing. Relaxing. For the rest of us.  

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